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Arend's Specialty Kompany Has Been In Business For Eleven Years. With 45 Years Of Experience In The Automotive, Wholesale And Retail Business, Our Objective Is To Provide You As A Customer, With Highest Quality Products At A Fair Price.
Note: Pricing Shown Is In Canadian Dollars

Products We Provide
- Automotive & Industrial Clips & Fasteners
- Auto Cleaning & Detailing Chemicals & Supplies
- Auto Body Repair Adhesives, Tapes, Coatings & Supplies
- Drill Bits & Cutting Tools
- Glass Shop Clips & Supplies
- Electrical Terminals, Wire & Cable, Cable Ties
- Automobile, Truck, Trailer, School Bus & Equipment Lighting
- Wheel Weights & Tire Repair
- Automobile Hinge Pin & Bushing Kits
- Thread Repair Kits

Our Freight Policy
FOB Our Warehouse, Unless Stated Otherwise.
Freight Will Be Calculated & Added To Invoice Total

Method Of Payment
Visa, Master Card Or Paypal

About Our Website 
To Search For Products On Our Website, You Can Do The Following,
- Search By Category & Sub Categories
- Search By Product Number, OEM Number Or Competitors Number
We Provide
- Highest Quality Products
- Honest & Fast Service
- Knowledgeable Staff